About Us


Bow Only Outdoors

Bow Only Outdoors was created to make you a better bowhunter, a better archer, and a better outdoorsmen. We want to show you the hard work, dedication, and the passion that revolves around bowhunting. Our goal is to inspire you to be the best bowhunter you can be. We want to motivate you to push past your limits and put in the extra work other hunters aren't willing to do to achieve success. We want you to go the extra mile, climb a little higher, hunt a little longer, practice a little further all to get you prepared and in position for the opportunity of a lifetime. 

It's hard to grasp the overwhelming emotions in bowhunting. Everyone sees the success photos, yet no one really sees the struggles and the difficulties of the hunt. For many, bowhunting is a way of life, and they know success isn't dependent on luck. Determination, motivation, hard work, passion, and dedication are just a few qualities bowhunters must have in order to be successful. The motivated get started. The determined work hard at it. But the dedicated are the ones that are consistently successful year after year and season after season. Are you dedicated?



The Crew


Josh Pflasterer

I grew up in Eastern Nebraska near the wildlife abundant Platte River. Archery and bowhunting has been a way of life ever since I was 6 years old. Growing up on a farm, my first bow was a piece of  PVC pipe bent over with bailing twine to act as my string. The same year I took one of my dad's old Easton 2315 aluminum camo shafts and arrowed a rabbit with the homemade bow that instantly sparked my passion for bowhunting. From that point on to improve my skills I upgraded bows and started to compete in local, state and eventually national level archery tournaments with the only purpose to improve myself as a bowhunter. Bowhunting has taken me places and given me experiences that I had never even imagined as a kid. The connections I've made through bowhunting are irreplaceable as there is nothing quite like sharing a hunt with someone. Bowhunting is a life changing experience. If you haven't bowhunted you should. If you have, you know what I mean. 


Micah Reinke

When I was a young child, only a few years old, my dad took me out bowhunting with him. Instantly a spark lit inside me that gave me a strong passion to explore the outdoors and learn about creation. At around age 5 or 6, my brother and I began to shoot one of my dad's old fiberglass recurve bows around the yard on the farm at home. I quickly got interested in wanting to hunt for myself and couldn't wait to be old enough and strong enough to hunt with a bow. As the years passed and my passion grew into a lifestyle, I began to compete in 3-D archery tournaments all across Nebraska, where my bowhunting and shooting skills were fine-tuned. After many hard hunts, I was able to finally harvest my first big game animal with a bow at age 14, I will never forget that moment, as it is engraved into my mind forever. Bowhunting takes me places and provides me with opportunities that are truly amazing and like non other. Although bowhunting takes an extreme amount of persistence, hard work, and dedication, I wouldn't want to live my life any other way than being a bowhunter.